Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Palestinians Do Not Want Peace

If the Palestinians wanted peace or their own state or more land, than Obama would be able to help them achieve their goal, however they do not want these things. There is only one thing that the Palestinians want and that is to annihilate Israel. Anything short of wiping Israel off the map will not make the Palestinians happy.

Of course, their plan after annihilating Israel, is to annihilate America and Britain, then they will be happy.

Right now the Palestinians think that they may be able to get Obama to help them weaken Israel under the guise of "peace". They may be right. Obama may fall right into their "peace" trap.

Obama will then explain to the American people that he had to weaken Israel to achieve peace in the middle east. There will never be peace in the middle east, that will just be his excuse and many Americans will most likely fall for it.

Protect your freedom, protect America and protect America's only ally in the middle east, Israel.