Sunday, February 1, 2009

Focus On Iran

Somehow we have allowed several potentially dangerous countries to get nuclear weapons. If a nuclear weapon goes off we will all suffer, not just the people of that region. We cannot risk having more nuclear weapons in the world for an psycho to set off at will. Right now North Korea, Pakistan and to a lesser degree India all have nuclear weapons and are very unreliable. We cannot count on them to do the right thing. We as Americans, sat back and allowed all of these countries to build nuclear weapons. Now we have to sit here shaking in our boots wondering when one of them will set it off.

Israel did the right thing in the 1980's when they saw Saddam Hussein and Iraq building a nuclear bomb. They blew it up. Do you think they had the support of the international community. Of course not. But we are lucky that they had the guts to do it. That is one less for our list of crazy countries with nuclear weapons.

More recently North Korea obtained nuclear weapons, once again, we sat back and did nothing. Oh, let me correct myself we negotiated diplomatically. Completely useless. Now North Korea has nuclear weapons and there is nothing we will do about it and they know it. Now I do not think that North Korea is a dangerous as Iran. North Korea are bullies who want to get money, heating oil and food from us. They do not want to annihilate our entire country like Iran wants to do.

So now we find ourselves watching Iran put together a nuclear bomb. Here we will sit on our hands. We know Obama won't do anything about it. A short time from now I will be writing a blog about how we have confirmed that Iran has nuclear weapons.

This is a very dangerous position for us to be in. Iran hates freedom, democracy, womens rights, gay rights, capitalism and everything else that America stands for. They would bomb us in a heart beat if they could. We need to change things now!

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