Monday, February 16, 2009

Iran is starting to Kiss Ass

Iran is smarter than we think. They can see what a whimp Obama is and they are planning ahead. They now say that they want to talk to us, I guess Obama will not keep them waiting too long since he has been chomping on the bit to get in bed with terrorists before the election.

Iran has figured out that all they have to do is be nice and sweet and polite and Obama will believe every word they say and then he will make us abide by those words. We are sunk. I hate to be a naysayer but it will take nothing short of a miracle to turn around the damage that Obama is currently doing to the United States of America.

It is our own fault for electing this communist, muslim, american hating man to our presidency.

Iran's president, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is such a shister. If Obama does meet with this guy or any other terrorist, he will cease to be my president on that day. We all need to band together to turn the tide.

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