Monday, March 23, 2009

Lance Armstrong Injures Arm In Spain

Armstrong Injures Arm In Spain

Lance Armstrong's comeback in the Tour De France may have been jeopardized today when he crashed his bike in Spain and fractured his collarbone.

Armstrong was racing in Spain when several bikers piled up. He was holding his arm and grimacing in pain as they loaded him into the ambulance. Armstrong was able to walk to the ambulance of his own accord. Doctors are speculating whether or not he will need surgery for the injury. This injury may mean that he will not be able to participate in the Tour De France coming up in July. It is too soon to tell at the moment.

It is a clean fracture and a quick recovery is expected. The 37 year old Armstrong is hoping for a comeback in the Tour De France this summer after a three year retirement.

China Buying More U.S. Debt

Pretty soon we will be completely owned by China. They are now buying more U.S. debt, couple that with the fact that everything we buy in the U.S. is made in China. How long will it be before we are the Peoples Republic of China - West.

I sure wish the great people of the United States of America will wake up before it is too late and stop these practices, but I fear that it will not be stopped because we may already be past the point of no return.

Officials in Beijing say that buying U.S. Treasury Bills is an important part of China's foreign currency reserve investments and that China will continue to buy the United States of America's government debt.

Women to Be Banned From Saudi Arabia TV, Newspapers, Magazines

Women to Be Banned From Saudi Arabia TV, Newspapers, Magazines

Thirty five hard line clergymen in Saudi Arabia have recommended that women are no longer depicted on television, in newspapers or in magazines. It is unknown what effect this recommendation will make on the Saudi Arabian society. I guess only time will tell how much pull they have on the administration.

The former information minister,Iyad Madani, caused a lot of trouble when he authorized music on television and women to interview men.

Women appear on Saudi television with their faces showing but most women appear completely covered in public. Women appear covered in newspapers and magazines. Western women appear in newspapers and magazines but their cleavage and arms are blacked out.

Saudi Arabia is criticized for not allowing women to drive, therefore making their husbands drive them everywhere. Men must come home to take women and children to doctors appointments etc.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Keep Your Loved One In Iraq or Afghanistan Happy

How to Keep Your Loved One In Iraq or Afghanistan Happy

SHIP OFTEN, SHIP EARLY - It can sometimes take more than a month for your package to arrive. If you have a special occasion, birthday, holiday in mind, make sure you ship it with plenty of time to spare. Also, every package is greatly appreciated so ship as often as you can.

SEND PHOTOS - Send as many as you can. It is so wonderful to see the face of a loved one. If you have kids, take pictures of the activities that they participate in.

SEND COOKIES - Package and seal them very well. Everyone loves cookies.

SEND PERSONAL ITEMS - Sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses. Little things really make a difference.

ADD MORE FOR FRIENDS - Don't send just one chapstick, send 3 or 10. It is nice to have items to share or trade.

FIND A FRIEND - If you do not have a friend or loved one in Iraq or Iran, you can still send a package through many different companies that put together care packages.

Send care packages to your loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan as often as possible, they really do make a world of difference.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Looking for a Federal Loan Consolidation?

Looking for a Federal Loan Consolidation?

Many students wonder if they should even bother with a federal student loan consolidation. The answer right now is yes.

When you consolidate your student loan, you will still have all the rights that you had with the original student loan. Make sure that you ask plenty of questions, but the main questions should be about what the new rate will be and what will the monthly payment be (when you are required to start paying.)

You will not be required to start paying until after you finish your degree, you can still qualify for forbearance and deferments just like you were able to do with your first loan.

Consolidate your federal student loan today and start saving thousands of dollars on interest.

Are Home Equity Loan Rates Affected Worldwide?

Are Home Equity Loan Rates Affected World wide?
Whether we like it or not the entire world and it's economy has been affected by the financial crisis in the U.S. including home equity rates and lines of credit worldwide. This economic crisis is really a worldwide economic crisis, hitting some countries much harder than others.

It is not just Americans that are feeling the heat. Home buyers and refinanciers worldwide have been hit by the crisis. Buyers cannot buy what they want because it is more difficult to get a loan. Lenders cannot loan what they want to loan because they have stricter rules for lending. Sellers cannot sell their properties because there are so few buyers.

It is a catch 22. The only hope would be for the lending limits to be reduced so that more people can buy. I know that many think that this is what caused this problem in the first place but it is not. The thing that caused the problem in the first place was giving loans to people that did not qualify. Now, people with good credit scores who would normally be able to qualify cannot qualify.

Home equity loans and lines of credit have been hurt the hardest because home values have dropped, therefore the equity does not exist that existed a year ago.