Friday, March 13, 2009

Are Home Equity Loan Rates Affected Worldwide?

Are Home Equity Loan Rates Affected World wide?
Whether we like it or not the entire world and it's economy has been affected by the financial crisis in the U.S. including home equity rates and lines of credit worldwide. This economic crisis is really a worldwide economic crisis, hitting some countries much harder than others.

It is not just Americans that are feeling the heat. Home buyers and refinanciers worldwide have been hit by the crisis. Buyers cannot buy what they want because it is more difficult to get a loan. Lenders cannot loan what they want to loan because they have stricter rules for lending. Sellers cannot sell their properties because there are so few buyers.

It is a catch 22. The only hope would be for the lending limits to be reduced so that more people can buy. I know that many think that this is what caused this problem in the first place but it is not. The thing that caused the problem in the first place was giving loans to people that did not qualify. Now, people with good credit scores who would normally be able to qualify cannot qualify.

Home equity loans and lines of credit have been hurt the hardest because home values have dropped, therefore the equity does not exist that existed a year ago.

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