Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Keep Your Loved One In Iraq or Afghanistan Happy

How to Keep Your Loved One In Iraq or Afghanistan Happy

SHIP OFTEN, SHIP EARLY - It can sometimes take more than a month for your package to arrive. If you have a special occasion, birthday, holiday in mind, make sure you ship it with plenty of time to spare. Also, every package is greatly appreciated so ship as often as you can.

SEND PHOTOS - Send as many as you can. It is so wonderful to see the face of a loved one. If you have kids, take pictures of the activities that they participate in.

SEND COOKIES - Package and seal them very well. Everyone loves cookies.

SEND PERSONAL ITEMS - Sunscreen, chapstick, sunglasses. Little things really make a difference.

ADD MORE FOR FRIENDS - Don't send just one chapstick, send 3 or 10. It is nice to have items to share or trade.

FIND A FRIEND - If you do not have a friend or loved one in Iraq or Iran, you can still send a package through many different companies that put together care packages.

Send care packages to your loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan as often as possible, they really do make a world of difference.

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